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Terry Fellin Shares Her Volunteer Story

Pardee Cancer Center volunteer Terry Fellin shares her journey from educator to volunteer. Her insights and contributions underscore the invaluable role of volunteers in enhancing

A Box of Volunteer Memories

In a small wooden box, in a tucked away room, I recently found a time capsule filled with notebooks, pictures, and other mementos that teleported

Meet & Ask the Expert: Duff Rardin, MD

Dr. Duff Rardin, board-certified neurologist specializing in movement disorders, sheds light on the symptoms and diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. With expertise in confirming diagnoses and

Meet & Ask the Expert: Coen Klos, MD

Since March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, we asked board-certified general and colorectal surgeon, Dr. Coen Klos, for his insights into his specialty, his inspiration,

The Power of Pet Therapy

“It’s so wonderful to watch people light up with happiness.” While each cancer patient’s journey is unique to that person, many deal with the same


The Importance of Spiritual Care

“Words of encouragement lift the spirits of patients and promote recovery and healing.” Tom Vallie has been a familiar face throughout the halls of Pardee

Donnas Journey

Donna’s Breast Cancer Journey

My breast cancer journey began on a beautiful summer solstice in 2018. That’s the day I was diagnosed, and one breath later, the day I